20 Simple Tips to Make Your Dog the Happiest It Can Be

Date: 2021-06-08 05:58:39


Are you a dog person? Then you’ve probably googled this question many times: ‘what makes a dog happy’! Yup, we all wanna cheer up our best friends and brighten their lives. The easiest ways of showing affection that come to mind are: get a treat, take your dog on a long walk, play something fun. But what else? Here’re 23 dos and don’ts to make your dog feel loved!

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0:00 Dogs love routine
0:28 How to show affection to your dog
1:06 Don’t change dog foods often
1:48 Dogs love being involved
2:36 The right way to pet a dog
3:22 Dogs don’t really like wearing clothes
4:08 Dogs want their own possessions
4:28 Dogs don’t like human hugs
4:54 That’s why dogs love windows
5:53 Do dogs understand words?
6:12 Best place to put the dog’s bed
6:34 Don’t send your dog mixed signals
7:13 Don’t force your dog to make friends
7:32 Why dogs roll in the grass

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