20+ Psychological Tricks To Make People Always Say Yes

Date: 2020-02-10 11:00:08


Well, if you want to finally get a puppy, go on vacation, and borrow a car from your dad – all you need to hear is one magical word. ‘Yes.’ No matter how hard it may be to get an approval, you will be prepared for everything after this video.

Do you know, for example, that people won’t trust you if you hide your eyes from them? Even if you’re talking with someone you don’t know – make a note on their eye color first. This will give a reason to establish eye contact and also make a compliment!

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Smile! 0:24
Give all your attention and be respectful 0:47
Don’t hide that you need something 1:05
Get your priorities straight 1:28
Make a deal 1:45
Earn respect 2:03
Show your interest 2:25
Ask for advice 2:50
Dress for success 3:05
Remind them that they can say ‘no’ anytime 3:23
Be thankful 3:40
Establish contact 3:58
Get on the same page 4:23
Maintain a good posture 4:49
Call them by name 5:14
Make it personal 5:28
Choose the right moment 5:57
Humor is your best friend 6:17
Facts are much more reliable 6:40
Facts are cold, stories are relatable 7:08
Use simple language 7:32
Keep it simple and don’t overdo anything 7:47

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– If you frown, people will naturally try to defend, and this subconsciously sets them against you.
– Present your idea as a collective goal that will benefit the other person too.
– Never be late, do your part on time, and never miss deadlines.
– Asking questions and offering suggestions is a good way to show your interest. It adds value to both the discussed matter and the person you’re talking to.
– Like it or not, people always form their first impression from the most accessible source, which is how you look.
– Don’t push too hard with all the persuasion thing – it may make people feel uneasy and stressed.
– Even if no one’s asking anything back from you – give a nod of appreciation to them.
– Start with eye contact. Don’t be afraid of looking someone in the eye while asking for something.
– Don’t cross your arms and don’t lock them with each other. It’s a defensive position that shows this conversation is a nuisance for you.
– Saying someone’s name in a conversation is the key point in establishing trustworthy relationships.
– Don’t bother people in their spare time, but also don’t distract them from working or studying.
– Statistically, people pay much more attention if someone starts to speak from words like, ‘My grandfather always told me…’ or ‘My favorite teacher once said…’
– If the person you’re talking to is moody today, don’t bother them too much with positivity and laughs.

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