20 Myths You Can Finally Debunk to Your Friends

Date: 2022-01-19 15:46:02


Who hasn’t shared some cool fact only to feel embarrassed later on when you find out the information was 100% false? There’re numerous misconceptions in the world people truly believe in. Here’re 20 myths you can finally debunk to your friends.

For example, a rhino horns aren’t made of bone and it’s not attached to the rhino’s skull. Wow! And elephants don’t use their trunks as a drinking straw. By the way, did you know that lightning won’t strike the same place twice! More exciting myths’er coming your way…


Mice aren’t that into cheese 00:00
How dogs see the world 00:32
How possums sleep 01:24
Bats aren’t blind 01:48
Chameleons change color 02:09
Snooze button 03:06
Cold deserts 03:44
Lightning strikes 04:11
How owls turn heads 04:33
When cats purr 05:01
How elephants drink 05:38
Myths about the brain 06:26
Myth about Jupiter 08:32

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