20 Little-Known Phone Tricks You Haven’t Seen on Internet

Date: 2020-08-03 11:00:07


The average person spends 3 hours a day on their phone. You’d think we’d all know our favorite palm accessory inside and out by now. Yet there are still so many little-known secrets about smartphones. When we want to get the maximum experience from our devices, sometimes we need to spend some money. The most curious people among us, though, keep looking for simpler solutions that can replace their expensive analogs.

For example, do you know how to make a macro lens for your smartphone? Or how to take selfies using headphones? Yup, you can take really cool photos with smartphones. What was impossible a few years ago has now become possible. Or how about personal surround sound theater right in bed? (All you’ll need are a medium-sized cardboard box and your phone!) Maybe you wanna know a quick trick that actually works when your phone’s sound isn’t loud enough? We’ve collected some really cool smartphone tips that will help you save money.


DIY Smartphone Projector 00:00
Instant Macro Lens 0:31
VR Goggles 1:07
Balloon Phone Cover 1:37
Instant Phone Lamp 1:56
Homemade Underwater Cover 2:14
Toothpaste for Screen Scratches 2:35
Bright White Screen as a Flashlight 3:00
Take Selfies Using Headphones 3:21
Sunglass Filter 3:47
DIY PopSocket 4:04
Phone holder for charging 4:30
Phone UV Light 4:57
Personal Surround Sound Theater 5:38
Charge with Oranges and a Penny 6:11
Phone-Boosting Speakers 6:40
Fix the Charging Port with a Toothpick 7:06
Quickest Way to Delete a Long Message 7:33
Ease Navigation with One Simple Key 7:52
Shorten a Long Charger Cable 8:07

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