20 Gym Mistakes Most People Make Every Day

Date: 2020-02-16 11:00:04


Attention all gym-rats! Hey, even if it’s not your first time at the gym, you might still make some common exercise mistakes that can run from innocent-enough mishaps, ones that’ll make all your effort go down the drain, to more dangerous blunders that can seriously harm your body.

Did you know, for example, that it’s a bad idea to go above the 8% incline on the treadmill? Yes, it does make running harder, but at the same time, it puts unnecessary strain on your ankles, back, and hips. Or that using an exercise bike has some tricky points as well, and the main one is bad positioning? If the pedals are adjusted in the wrong way, it can cause thigh, knee, or hip strain. Interested? Then check it out!

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Chest presses 0:22
Treadmill 0:35
Tricep extensions 1:04
Exercise bike 1:26
Lunges 1:53
Static stretching 2:10
Pull-ups 2:31
Skull-crushers 2:50
Rowing 3:16
Dips 3:36
Lateral pulldowns 3:52
Cable flyes 4:18
Squats 5:00
Lifting weights 5:20
❗️ Never ever ignore an injury! ❗️ 6:55

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– Avoid running on the treadmill while holding onto the handrails: it’s not only ineffective, but it also messes up your posture!
– When doing cable tricep extensions, some people don’t lock their elbows. That’s why their lats get engaged, and the exercise ends up being not so effective for the triceps.
– If you notice that your knee touches the ground every time you do a lunge, something has definitely gone wrong.
– Static stretching is perfect for AFTER the workout. As for a pre-training warm-up, do some dynamic stretching, like forward lunges.
– The worst things to do during pull-ups are swinging your body to try and gain momentum, letting your body flail around by not bracing your legs and core, and limiting your range of motion.
– If you do some rowing, avoid putting all the pressure on your arms. It’ll result in too much stress put on your upper body, which is likely to cause shoulder and back injuries.
– If you go too low while doing dips on parallel bars, you put too much pressure on your shoulders, and it can lead to muscle damage.
– If you swing back too much while doing lateral pulldowns, you’re at risk of getting a back injury.
– When you’re doing cable flyes, don’t bring your arms too far back.
– One of the worst mistakes you can make while doing squats is caving your knees in.
– Whatever exercise you do, avoid putting too much pressure on your shoulders.
– And finally, never ever ignore an injury – that’s the worst thing you can do to your body.

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