19 Strange But True Habits of the Richest People

Date: 2020-03-22 17:00:08


What are the habits of rich people? What do wealthy people do differently? Some of us think that if somebody’s born poor, they’ll remain there. But in fact, there are differences in actions that lead us to wealth (or, on the contrary, to poverty). But some of these habits are really strange.

Ever needed to make a cupcake spreadsheet? Or relieved stress by soaking your feet in a toilet bowl? Weird? Yes. Some common habits of the rich and famous? Also yes! Hey, maybe these odd rituals are the key to their success, and you’ll want to try them too?

Elon Musk 0:21
Jeff Bezos 0:44
Bill Gates 1:15
Mark Zuckerberg 1:37
Warren Buffett 2:02
Marissa Mayer 2:15
Richard Branson 2:41
Craig Cooper 3:15
Steve Jobs 3:40
Sandy Lerner 4:04
Shigeru Miyamoto 4:24
Mark Parker 4:36
Yoshiro Nakamatsu 4:49
Stephen King 5:08
David Beckham 5:35
James McAvoy 6:00
Johnny Depp 6:14
Jennifer Anniston 6:41
Brad Pitt 7:01

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