19 Mistakes That Make Your Smartphone Age Sooner

Date: 2020-02-12 11:00:06


Are you in a healthy relationship with your cellphone? You take good care of it, treat it with respect, and always keep it close… But—has your phone been coming home late, making lame excuses for their whereabouts, erasing their call logs so you can’t see who they’ve been communicating with? 😜 Are you sure that the relationship isn’t toxic? Сould be if you’re guilty of some all-too common mistakes.

For example, when your phone is hinting it wouldn’t mind an update, treat it to one. Manufacturers work on them for a reason. They fix bugs and protect your gadget from possible threats. They do take some storage, but it’s well worth it. As long as you’re downloading from reliable sources, it’s 100% safe.

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Looking down at your screen 0:23
Plugging it in carelessly 0:49
Not updating the software 1:17
Sleeping with your phone 1:41
Being exposed to blue light for too long 2:15
Keeping it in contact with your skin 2:47
Leaving it in the sun 3:23
Keeping it in your back pocket 4:02
Going overboard with DIYs 4:25
Falling for a designer case 4:47
Using it with a low signal 5:05
Never restarting your phone 5:40
Putting your phone on vibration 6:16
Always using location services 6:49
Dropping it in your bag without a cover 7:19
Never cleaning the inside 7:43
Ignoring external storage 8:17
Charging it during a thunderstorm 8:48
Keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time 9:10

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– Have you ever heard of “text neck”? It’s what happens when you constantly bend your neck down and forward to look at the screen. It’s a real pain in the neck!
– Plugging your phone in without looking or jamming the charger in the port with all your strength just because, say, you’re in a hurry – you’re shortening the charger’s lifespan.
– A cell phone is a little electromagnetic transmitter and receiver. That means it emits radio waves. Scientists are still trying to figure out how dangerous those might be for your brain.
– The light from your screen suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle.
– Your phone gets hot when you’re using it, and your skin absorbs a little of the heat every time you keep it close to your body.
– You might love to catch some rays, but your phone is strongly against it. Too much sun or heat can ruin it from both the outside and the inside.
– Expensive cases aren’t always the safest just because they have a famous logo on them. Pick the most reliable one that’s fitted to your phone, brand or no brand.
– When you see a weak signal on the screen, it means your phone is putting out a stronger signal as a transmitter while trying to find a better connection.
– When you restart it, the RAM is cleared, and all the apps are closed. If you don’t do it from time to time, your gadget might have an emotional breakdown one day and refuse to respond to your commands or just turn off.
– Constant vibration slowly takes life out of your phone’s battery and decreases its performance.
– A phone cover isn’t just a trendy accessory. It’s designed to protect your phone from scratches caused by sharp things like keys inside your bag.
– It’s not the best idea to open the phone and do the cleaning yourself – take it to a professional, they know how to do it
– Even if it seems like you still have enough free space on your device, do it a favor and unload the burden.
– When you hear a storm starting, it’s not the best moment to charge your phone. Even if you have the best network filters, a lightning bolt can still crash that protection.

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