18 Details Flight Attendants Notice in 3 Seconds When You Board

Date: 2020-03-05 03:00:09


Good morning and welcome aboard – if you’re a frequent flyer, you hear this phrase a lot. The moment they greet you, the crew are also checking out some important details about you: from your physique to your jewelry style.

They’ll also notice if you’re their colleague, your general health condition is important to them, they can tell how many weeks a pregnant woman is, they care if you’re nice to them, and they do remember if you’re unfriendly. Why, though?

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They’ll notice if you’re their colleague 0:23
They’ll check out your reading material 0:45
Your age is a big deal 1:45
Your health condition is important to them 2:35
They care if you’re nice to them 3:25
They do remember if you’re unfriendly 3:45
Avoiding eye contact speaks volumes 4:10
They notice how you treat other passengers 4:30
They will know if you’re aerophobic 5:30
The way you’re dressed can make a difference 6:06
They can single out frequent flyers 7:34

– If you’re a doctor coming back from a medical conference with a pile of medical leaflets or like to read medical journals aboard, the crew will know about your occupation even if you don’t say a word.
– An experienced flight attendant will always see if you cheated and persuade you to have your over-sized bags relocated to the luggage compartment.
– The flight crew will always take record of how many unaccompanied minors are traveling today to give them extra attention and care.
– Flight attendants are trained to notice signs and symptoms of sickness. They are entitled to ask you for a medical certificate to prove it’s nothing serious.
– They have to say “hello” over a hundred times per flight, and they really appreciate if you care to say the same back at them once.
– The grumpy passengers are marked as possibly hostile. Flight attendants will know not to ask these people for help in case of an emergency.
– Speaking too fast or too slowly, hesitating when asked the most basic questions and dropping in a lot of interjections are all clear signs of anxiety.
– If you’re always nervously smiling or laughing, squeezing your armrest, or playing with your headphone cord, flight attendants will guess you have aerophobia.
– If you are well-dressed and well-groomed, you have higher chances of a class upgrade. It takes some style to travel in business and first, you know.
– Flight attendants have a sharp eye and can notice if you’re trying to smuggle any forbidden items from Duty Free shop and use them during the flight.
– They are smart enough not to make any conclusions based on just one thing, but when they put a few of them together it can help singling out the troublemakers.

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