17 Tricky Riddles for a True Logic Beast

Date: 2021-05-27 16:02:39


Here’re 17 twisted riddles to boost your brain power. Solving riddles is a great way to train your brain and also an enriching, fun experience. Imagine you’re Sherlock Holmes and you get the task you need to complete, no matter what! Time to turn on your attentiveness to detail, sharp mind and start thinking outside the box!

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0:00 Where should the man go?
0:44 How did she get outside?
1:14 How did she travel in her cabin?
1:35 How did he get the diamond past the guards?
2:36 What ingredient will stop the explosion???
3:41 Who has higher chances of survival?
4:24 How long will it take to dig half a hole?
4:42 Which mirror is magical?
5:02 Who’s the escapee?
5:31 What’s this mysterious thing?
6:11 How much will a T-shirt be?
6:50 How can you make the equation true?
7:29 A suspicious electrician
8:19 Who’s lying?
9:10 Who’s behind the man’s disappearance?
9:54 How did he survive?
10:19 Where will the apples fall?

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