16 Fresh Riddles To Level Up Your Superpowers

Date: 2022-03-12 09:57:01


Only the bravest Sherlock can crack all of these 16 riddles. You’re gonna find yourself in the spookiest house in the neighborhood, spot a robot out of the crowd, decide which of the meals is poisoned. Are you ready to meet these challenges? The result will be rewarding: you’re gonna get smarter, raise your IQ and upgrade your attention to detail.

What if you have superpowers and have no idea about them? Time to level up your superpowers! Think fast but don’t hesitate to pause this video if you need more time!


College thief 00:00
Who’s not human? 00:57
Garage sale 01:26
Skating riddle 02:36
The spookiest house 03:17
The witch riddle 04:05
Which door? 04:36
Lost in magical forest 05:27
Who’s lying? 06:12
What did she cook? 07:38
What did she realize? 08:28
Which house looks suspicious? 09:12
Which door should Nina choose? 09:52
How to recognize the robot 10:54
Granny’s riddle 11:32

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Music by Epidemic Sound

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