16 Facts Proving That Your Dog Has Superpowers

Date: 2022-01-21 10:03:02


There’re so many things about pets you can learn in order to improve both their lives and yours. The understanding of what makes your pooch bark or lick its nose, for example, can help you understand it much better and make your communication easier.

Did you know that a dog can tell which nostril is taking in a specific scent, which helps them locate the direction it’s coming from. Breathing out the side slits helps release air while being able to hold scents inside the nose. This is why once a dog has picked up a trail, it’s very unlikely to lose it…


Wake up in darkness 00:00
How dogs perceive the world 00:20
How brains work 01:11
Dogs can keep smells 02:51
How dogs smell more effectively 03:58
Why dogs roll 05:35
Why dogs lick 06:22
Why puppies tilt heads 07:27

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