16 Body Reactions Make You Feel Awkward But Amaze Scientists

Date: 2020-02-22 03:00:00


Someone you like is about to talk to you? Oh no, you’re already blushing and about to faint! Important interview? You can’t say a word without a hiccup or nervous laughter! But maybe if you learn why this happens, you’ll get yourself out of an awkward situation next time.

For example, for some people talking is a powerful stress reliever. That’s why the best they can do when they are nervous is just mumbling or a stream of consciousness that’s clearly not showing their bright side. It takes some skill to deal with that, but it’s possible. And we’re about to tell you how.

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Blushing 0:23
Sun sneeze 0:56
Trembling from cold 1:29
Laziness 1:57
Procrastination 2:26
Twitchy eye 2:51
Cold hands 3:20
Wet handshake 3:49
Jelly legs 4:18
Becoming speechless or too chatty 4:42
Yawning 5:15
Hiccups 5:50
Running water makes a ‘nature’s call’ 6:43
Stress laughter and giggles 7:05
Stomach growls 7:38
Craving sweets 8:09

– Interestingly, people that easily blush are usually more attractive – some suggest that it’s because red cheeks naturally associate with physical health.
– You want to spend some fun time in the sun, then suddenly you start to sneeze, and everyone is too worried to let you out. It’s called photic sneeze reflex.
– It turns out you don’t want to clean your room not because of your lazy personality or even bad habits. It’s a defense reaction of your psyche – a complex reflex that you can’t overrun.
– You’re not just getting absent-minded for nothing, it’s also a proper reaction of your mind. It just wants to restart and provoke you to be more creative by looking into some other things than the one you obviously don’t want to do.
– If our hands turn stone cold – your whole body prepares for a critical situation.
– Sweating, in general, cools down your body, preparing you for intense action. Your body simply can’t get the difference between having a serious conversation and running away from a predator.
– Yawning pushes blood to your brain, urging it to wake up and remain active. It also stretches your lungs and muscles to relieve stress and allow more oxygen to get to your body.
– Hiccups are spasms of your diaphragm, it lets air into your lungs, but your vocal cords suddenly shut up resulting in this annoying sound.
– We are too used to sounds we make when we hurry to occupy the bathroom. Any reminder evokes this memory in our mind and jump-starts the process.
– Laughter is an emotional discharge that helps relieve stress and regulate the state of mind.
– If you can’t stop eating chocolate when stressed out, you should know that it’s the way your brain tells you that it’s hungry.

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