15+ Myths You Were Told At School, Totally Busted

Date: 2022-01-17 09:03:51


The world is full of myths we all heard and truly believe in. However, very often popular beliefs turn out to be misconceptions. Here’re 18 myths you always thought were true finally explained.

One of them is about the crown on the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t mean 7 continents and seas. The seven spikes represent sun rays and the circle is a halo. Wow! What else are we used to believe in?

The Sun isn’t yellow 00:00
Weight in Space 00:26
Spikes in the Statue of Liberty 01:45
Anteaters 02:36
T-rex 02:58
Wolves howl 03:52
Giraffes sleep 04:38
Myths about Crocodiles 04:54
Sharks can’t smell blood 06:16
The asteroid Belt 07:23
Brain can grow new cells 07:58

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