15 “Growing Up Poor” Habits I Did Realize I Have

Date: 2022-03-01 17:02:52


Even if you’re a rich person now, you could have grown up in poverty and may maintain a poor person mentality. Unfortunately, not all people can call their childhood cloudless. Some of them had problems with their families, others — with money. And even if their parents’ financial difficulties were short-lived, the memory of these times stays with many people forever.

In this video we’re trying to figure out which habits reveal that a person grew up in a poor family. From the habit to choose the cheapest meal on the menu, to the habit to keep the expired goods. What else is on the list of poor people habits? Spoiler: some of them will surely surprise you, like feeling guilty about freebies.


Autopilot decisions 00:00
Buying expensive gifts 00:25
Being impulsive 00:47
Keeping expired foods 01:15
Spending money fast 01:50
Making unnecessary purchases 02:15
Feeling guilty about freebies 02:55
Avoiding autopayments 03:30
Settling for jobs they don’t like 03:55
The endless pursuit of money 04:22
Procrastinating 04:53
Panicking over the economy 05:20
Not planning the day ahead 05:45
Ignoring your health 06:10
Forgetting about self-development 06:45
Getting up at the last minute 07:12

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