14 Little-Known But Cool Facts About Your Body

Date: 2019-11-26 17:00:12


Have anybody told you that you have an amazing body? It’s just a thing of wonder! Okay, that doesn’t sound right. Put it this way: the human body does a bunch of really cool stuff! Did you know, for example, that people shine? If you could look at someone through a highly sensitive camera in a light-proof room, you’d see it!

By the way, how does an image quality of 576 megapixels sound? Yep, that’s how good your vision is. At the same time, the best camera humanity has been able to make so far has around 400 megapixels! Yup, your eyes are even better! Interested? Then check out these little-known but really cool facts about the human body!

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People literally shine 0:22
We have the best cameras IN there 1:00
We’re all long-distance runners… partially 1:28
You have as much hair as a chimp 1:58
You cough almost at the speed of sound 2:32
Your body knows when it’s underwater 3:05
Why your hands and feet get wrinkly in water 3:48
Forget all about this “we use 10% of our brains” thing 4:33
A part of your body that doesn’t get any blood 5:09
Your ears and nose don’t stop growing 5:47
A woman’s brain shrinks during pregnancy 6:26
Babies have many more bones than adults 7:03
Half of all the strength in your hand comes from the pinkie 7:29
Teeth aren’t naturally white 7:59

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– The human heart is a small but powerful engine. In one day, it pumps blood so effectively, that it travels around 12,000 miles to run through every vessel in your body.
– The difference between us and our little ape cousins is not in the quantity of hair at all – that’s the same. It’s all in the quality. We needed to sweat more effectively and thus control body heat.
– Your lungs are capable of forcing air out of them so hard that it moves almost at the speed of sound. Ok, 1/3 the speed of sound, but still!
– Your body has a special mechanism to manage going into water. It’s called the diving reflex, and it’s in almost every kind of mammal, including humans.
– It may seem like something that just happens to your skin if it’s wet, but here’s a curveball fact: people with damaged nerves in the skin don’t get wrinkly fingers in the water!
– Our brains are always active, every zone and gland in them are working at any time, even during sleep! See for yourself: if we don’t use 90% of the brain, then why does it needs around 20% of all our energy?
– Every piece in your body is somehow connected to the blood supply. It transports all the goods to it and all the unwanted stuff away from it. Except for one thing – your corneas.
– Somewhere around age 21, our bodies stop growing. But your ears and nose don’t stop growing. This happens because they’re made of cartilage.
– A woman’s brain shrinks during pregnancy, but that’s a good thing! It gets a bit smaller during this time, but smaller isn’t always worse.
– While a grown person has 206 bones, a newborn baby has around 300 of them! Their bones aren’t entirely formed or fused together when they’re born.
– Your little finger teams up with the middle one to provide strength. Without the pinkie, your grip would be much weaker. It also provides control to an all-wrist movement, like when you’re working with some kind of a tool.
– Human teeth are covered by a unique substance called enamel. And it isn’t white. It’s cloudy transparent with a tinge of blue.

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