13 Riddles Will Make Even Your Professor Think Twice

Date: 2020-11-20 09:00:25


If you are looking for tricky riddles with answers to boost up your brain by doing a daily exercise, be sure to check out our compilation! Hard riddles help our brains to work more smoothly and get us thinking creatively. Some of these hard riddles might be too complicated, though it never hurts to challenge your critical thinking skills, right? So even if you don’t manage to solve them, you will still have some puzzles to test your friends and members of your family with!


A large watermelon 0:01
A receipt 0:50
A wealthy businessman 1:31
Vacation 2:14
Who took the money? 3:26
A unique diamond 4:16
Who isn’t smart? 5:12
It’s Ok, Mark 5:57
A password 6:31
Peanut cookies 7:10
A painting 8:04
Modern art 8:43

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