13 Ordinary Things Pilots Can’t Do on Board

Date: 2020-04-17 11:00:11


What is being a pilot like? Commercial airline pilots have loads of perks: an astonishing office view, an opportunity to see the planet from the altitude of 35,000 ft, everyone’s respect, and admiration. But there are some seemingly innocent things pilots can’t enjoy while flying a plane.

Did you know, for example, that pilots rarely know who they’re going to fly with until they take their place in the cockpit? Or that there’s a “sterile cockpit rule” that prohibits pilots from doing anything but controlling the plane until it climbs to a higher altitude? Or that most commercial airline pilots can only wear a mustache at the most? Intrigued? So here’s the full list.

No beard 0:34
No coffee for Airbus A350 pilots 1:00
No more than 8 working hours at night and 9 during the day 1:24
No chit-chat below 10,000 ft 1:42
No listening to music or radio 2:03
No food choice 2:30
No choosing your partner 2:52
No reading books 3:05
No gadgets at any time during the flight 3:26
Follow the 2-man rule! 3:46
No landing and going home 4:18
No napping whenever you want 4:36
No passenger visits 5:08
Rules that flight attendants can’t break 5:29

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