13 Most Mysterious Forests On Earth

Date: 2020-01-16 13:15:00


Earth’s most peculiar and puzzling forests! From a forest that has an effect on cars to strangely dangerous woodlands.

#13 Epping Forest
On the border between London and Essex is the ancient English forest of Epping, a 59 hundred acre former royal woodland. Home to rivers, bogs, and ponds, this lush green countryside has a rich yet haunting history. Rumors of ghostly appearances and strange sounds surround Epping Forest, with one legend claiming that the notorious Hangman’s Hill within the woodland will creepily pull your vehicle uphill should you put it in neutral on the side of the infamous mound. Its thought that these haunted tales spawned from the numerous slain victims found in the woods since the 1960s.
#12 Goblin Forest
With a verdant canopy blanketing the sun overhead, and twisting branches covered in moss around every corner, New Zealand’s Goblin Forest is a magical experience straight out of a fairy tale. The forest is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred approximately 400 years ago from the nearby Mt. Taranaki. In the wake of this volcanic activity, the prior forest, composed of the evergreen tree known as Rimu, was wiped out. In its place grew the gnarled kamahi tree, winding over the age-old logs and stumps of the prior woods. The result is a wondrous world more reminiscent of a Tolkien novel than real life. A series of waterholes known as the Wilkies Pools offer a cascading oasis amid the verdant landscape, formed from an ancient lava flow dating back 20 thousand years.