13 Animals With the Strongest Bite

Date: 2019-12-02 11:00:04


What is the toothiest critter that ever lived on our planet? For example, the strength of human jaws is about 160 pounds per square inch. It’s good to break some tough cookie or a pistachio shell, which is enough for survival in our harsh modern world. But what about more serious contenders?

A mastiff is among the mightiest friends humans have, and it can easily snap a thick branch in two. A lion can show 650 psi — it’s four times stronger than the human’s bite! But did you know that the hyena’s jaw force is higher than that of both lion’s and tiger’s? Well, if hyenas were not cowardly, they would probably be among the most feared animals of the savannah!

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Human 0:20
Dog 0:57
Lion 1:25
Bengal tiger 1:54
Hyena 2:15
Grizzly bear 2:46
Gorilla 3:20
Hippopotamus 3:54
Jaguar 4:24
American alligator 4:56
Saltwater croc 5:22
White shark 6:08
T-Rex! 6:38
The absolute champion of the bite force contest 7:28

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– A mastiff enters the stage and walks with dignity to show its strength. It opens its jaws and clenches them over the device… 550 psi!
– The next contestant is the king of the jungle himself — meet the mighty lion! Ooooh, it shows 650 psi — it’s four times stronger than the human’s bite!
– Bengal tiger leaps forward and sinks its huge fangs into the measuring device, which shows… 1,050 psi!
– But when it comes to forest predators, no creature can compete with the grizzly bear. It shows 1,200 psi!
– Although gorillas are gentle, making one of them angry certainly shouldn’t be on your agenda.
– A hippopotamus is an unpredictable animal. It may look sweet, but it’s considered one of the most dangerous species of Africa.
– Jaguars easily crush bones with their long, sharp teeth, so it’s no wonder that they outbite all the rest of the feline family.
– Saltwater crocodiles patiently wait for the prey in the waters of the river and are very quick to attack. No wonder it’s the biggest land predator and reptile in the world!
– A great white shark ferociously sinks its many crooked teeth into the device, showing 4,000 psi! Its bite force has never been directly measured, but the estimates show these astounding figures.
– Scientists have estimated that the maximum force of T-Rex’ bite could reach the astonishing 12,000 psi!
– The frightful Deinosuchus dwelled the oceans millions of years ago and hunted dinosaurs that were careless enough to wander into the crocs’ territory. At 23,000 psi, nothing could ever beat this monster!

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