12 Tricky Riddles to Help You Become a Problem-Solver

Date: 2020-06-18 03:00:07


Well, it’s time to exercise your brain and freshen up your mind! And what’s the best way to do it? Right, to crack some fun but tricky riddles! Test your logical skills with these tricky brainteasers. Only the smartest people can solve these mind-blowing puzzles. Are you ready for the challenge? Remember to check your results!

If you get 0 to 4 points, your riddle-cracking skills need polishing. Try to take more time to think each riddle over. If your result is 5 to 8 correct answers, you must have been practicing! It’s great but could be even better. And if you have 9 to 12 points, it doesn’t mean there’s no way to improve yourself! Keep cracking the hardest riddles to keep your mind sharp and active!

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A Car Accident 0:13
A Caring Friend 1:30
Lost in a Jungle 2:33
A Confusing Number 3:17
A Lost Phone 3:49
Three Staircases 4:42
A Jail Break 5:31
A Fishing Trip 6:12
An Epic Rainstorm 7:09
A Hitchhiker 7:59
A Missing Dog 8:58
A Forest Accident 10:00

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