12 BIGGEST Underwater Animals On Earth!

Date: 2019-11-14 13:15:01


The world’s largest aquatic creatures! From the tentacled terrors of the deep-sea to the colossal whales that roam the ocean.

#12 Giant Pacific Octopus
Taking up residence on the North Pacific coast, spanning from the western United States, along the Bering Strait, and all the way to the Korean Peninsula, is the world’s largest species of octopus. The Giant Pacific Octopus can live in depths up to 6,600 feet below the surface and prefers cold waters rich with oxygen. It traverses the ocean by combining the crawling capability of its long tentacles with a powerful propulsion system that can launch the creature forward at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. The largest Giant Pacific Octopus recorded weighed in at 300 pounds with an arm span of 32 feet!
#11 Giant Oarfish
Despite this video being chock full of gigantic sea creatures, it’s the Giant Oarfish that holds the title of being the world’s longest bony fish. Also referred to as the “king of herrings” due to its crown-esque head appendage and propensity to swim near schools of herring, this fish can grow up to 600 pounds and stretch up to 36 feet in length! Between this great size, the creature’s ribbon-like body, and the fact that it swims in an undulating motion, rising and falling through the water to gain speed, it’s been speculated by some that this species may have served as inspiration for the mythical “sea serpent”. Most commonly seen in tropical waters and middle latitudes, the Giant Oarfish has its own lore among some cultures with its appearance believed to foreshadow earthquakes!
#10 Giant Squid
Often found within slain Sperm Whales rather than witnessed in the wild, the Giant Squid is one of the longest sea creatures on Earth that scientists still know very little about. Equipped with long, draping tentacles, these kraken-like leviathans can grow up to 43 feet, though some reports have said they can reach lengths superpassing 60 feet! This species is thought to populate all the world’s oceans, though the majority of specimens have been found near continental slopes off the coasts of nations like Newfoundland, South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand. The tentacles of these nightmarish creatures are especially useful for catching deep-sea fish, as the suction cups lining the Giant Squid’s tendrils are lined with serrated rings of chitin allowing for sharp incisions as it grasps its prey.