11 Largest Creatures Ever Existed on Earth

Date: 2019-12-10 11:00:09


The largest land animal of our time is the African elephant! It weighs more than the anchor of a cruise ship and is 5 times heavier than the tallest animal on the planet – a giraffe. But still, the elephant loses a lot to Argentinosaurus – the largest herbivorous dinosaur in the world. This giant will cover just over half of the baseball field and weighs like 3 subway cars.

But no matter how dangerous and huge land animals are, in fact, they’re babies compared to those creatures that live in the seas and oceans. For example, the sperm whale weighs like a herd of 50 cows, and almost three times as much as Shastasaurus, while being of a similar length! Yup, today, we’re talking about the largest creatures in the world!

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African elephant 0:27
Argentinosaurus 0:45
Polar bear 1:12
Spinosaurus 1:29
Sea scorpion 2:02
Giant weta 2:39
Shastasaurus 2:58
Sperm whale 3:16
Albatross 3:42
Argentavis 3:50
Blue whale 4:17
Can land animals reach the same size as dinosaurs? 4:50
Release the Kraken! 5:44
Can a real Godzilla appear? 7:03
The tallest tree in the world 9:17

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– The largest modern land predator is the polar bear. It is believed that on Earth, the polar bear has no enemies among animals.
– Spinosaurus is considered the largest land predator that ever existed on the planet. Its length reached 49 feet, approximately 2 London red buses.
– About 460 million years ago, sea scorpions resembling large space bugs inhabited shallow waters and terrified all small marine mammals.
– Of modern insects, no one will compete with this creature.
– The largest marine predator ever is considered Shastasaurus. It lived about 235 million years ago and reached a length of 65.5 feet.
– The largest flying bird to date is an albatross. Its wingspan is 11 feet – almost like the length of the Volkswagen Beetle.
– But the albatross easily loses to its distant ancestor – the bird Argentavis, who lived 5-8 million years ago. Its wingspan is almost 20 feet.
– A blue whale is the largest creature that ever existed on Earth appears on the ring. Its size is comparable to a 9-story building.
– Unlike land, the ocean has a much greater chance of a huge creature appearing.
– Almost all seafarers have been scaring each other with stories about Kraken since ancient times, but the worst thing in these tales is that they’re absolutely true.
– Around the world, since the 17th century, many Kraken sightings have been recorded. Modern scientists have given them a more scientific name – architeuthis.
– If the organism is given a safe area and environment with unlimited food, then in the process of evolution a real Godzilla may appear.
– The bones inside animals can’t withstand enormous weight, but the body structure of almost all insects is completely different. Outwardly, they are covered with a skeleton, while soft tissues are hidden inside.
– The tallest tree in the world is Hyperion — a Sequoia sempervirens. Its height reaches 379 feet! It is 74 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and about the same height as a 38-story building!

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