11 Indicators You May Be Dealing With A Psychopath!

Date: 2020-04-09 12:15:00


Signs that you have a psychopath in your life! From flattering words and manipulative behavior to inflated egos and hidden disdain.

#8 Lack of Empathy

Self-centered and guiltless, psychopathic personalities are missing any semblance of a conscience or empathy. They’re missing that little voice in the back of their mind that most have to remind them to do the right thing. It’s this lack of self-regulating emotions that allows psychopathic people to engage in behavior that most people would at most fantasize about. Primal urges like attacking someone who’s angered you or kissing someone you’re attracted to, suddenly and without warning, is the kind of behavior your conscience and ability to relate to others keeps you from pursuing. Psychopaths, on the other hand, don’t have this speed bump to keep them from engaging in such crazy behavior. Their low impulse control can be revealed in how quickly they take to aggression, in a wide number of casual romance partners, or their tendency to participate in risky or dangerous acts.

#7 Poor Mimicry

A natural response of people attempting to sympathize and empathize with a loved one’s feelings is to mirror their body language and physical expressions. If you can’t stop laughing while recounting a funny story, an empathetic person will likely be all smiles. The same is true should you burst into tears while spilling your soul, these kinds of people will likely be sad right there alongside you. But in the case of psychopaths, such physical reactions and facial expressions don’t come naturally and to use them in their manipulative guise trying to relate to you will require a conscious effort. This lack of connectivity to others goes even beyond emotion. While witnessing others yawn will often trigger your own involuntary display of fatigue, psychopaths are strangely immune to this as well! All because, unlike the average person, they are wholly and completely concerned with their own well-being.