10-Minute Workout to Get Stronger Back Muscles

Date: 2020-11-18 12:18:32


How do you strengthen your back muscles? Sitting incorrectly, slouching, hunching your shoulders, and bending your head down to look at your phone are the things that can ruin your posture. Luckily, there are many remedies that can help you make your back stronger. We did some research and selected a set of exercises that will strengthen your torso, build up your muscles, and stop back pain from interfering in your daily life once and for all. Let’s get into it.


Warming-up 0:07
The wall sit 0:33
Upward-facing dog 0:58
Bird dog 1:47
Cat-cow 2:13
The bridge position 3:01
Partial crunches 3:25
Relaxing 3:50
Back extension 4:20
Lying lateral leg lifts 4:38
Lower back rotations 5:05
Don’t do this if you have lower back pain 5:39

Music by Epidemic Sound

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