10 Fastest Things People Have Ever Created

Date: 2020-01-09 17:00:00


You most likely know the fastest animal in the world is a cheetah. But what about man-made objects? A supersonic jet? A space rocket? That’s a good guess. The champion in the super speed competition is Parker Solar Probe. It studies the Sun and flies at an incredible speed of 213,200 mph.

But that is not the greatest speed in the Universe. There is a piece of plasma that flew out of a black hole out there that moves in a spiral and forms a cone at a speed of nearly 6,000,000 mph! Fortunately, this incredible force flies far from us, in another galaxy 50 million light-years away.

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#10 Air Force Hypersonic Rocket Sled 0:23
#9 NASA X-43A unmanned supersonic flying vehicle 0:51
#8 space shuttles “Columbia” and “Discovery” 1:13
#7 Apollo 10 1:48
#6 the Stardust space probe 2:31
#5 “New Horizons” automatic interplanetary station 3:06
#4 “Voyager 1” spacecraft 3:54
#3 Galileo spacecraft 4:39
#2 space probes “Helios-1” and “Helios-2” 5:16
#1 Parker Solar Probe 5:46
The fastest object in the Universe 6:26
Can we build a ship to overcome the speed of light? 7:48

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-Air Force Hypersonic Rocket Sled is a special mechanism on rails with a rocket engine created to test rockets and other space objects moving at a speed of 6,600 mph.
-NASA X-43A (or Hyper-X) unmanned supersonic flying vehicle flies at a speed of 6,800 mph.
-Space shuttles “Columbia” and “Discovery” had to reach a speed of 17,500 mph to stay in the orbit.
-Apollo 10 mission report states its maximum speed at entry was 24,816 mph.
-Stardust space probe developed its maximum speed of 28,860 mph.
-NASA’s “New Horizons” automatic interplanetary station during its mission has developed a maximum speed of 36,400 mph. NASA sent “New Horizons” to study Pluto.
-At a speed of 38,000 mph, “Voyager-1” covers a distance of about 335 million miles each year.
-Galileo’s 14-year mission ended in 2003 when the spacecraft was deliberately sent into Jupiter’s atmosphere. Before crashing, it managed to develop a speed of 108,000 mph.
-Space probes “Helios-1” and “Helios-2” developed a speed of 147,900 mph and 153,500 mph.
-Parker Solar Probe studies the Sun flying at an incredible speed of 213,200 mph!
-In 2014, astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics recorded the highest speed in the universe. It was a piece of plasma that flew out of a black hole moving at a speed of nearly 6,000,000 mph!
-To be able to overcome the speed of light, you’d need to equip the ship with a force field. We’d reach the light limit and overcome it by just four thousandths of a mile per second. Imagine that having overcome the speed of light, we’d be catching up with photons from yesterday, then a week ago, then a month, then a year. In fact, we’d be flying through the passage of time, into the past.

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