10+ Facts I Googled So You Don’t Have To

Date: 2022-02-28 07:37:50


There’re so many questions that arise daily and you might have googled at least one of them. Why do glass items come out sparkling from the dishwasher? Do fish have necks? And why won’t rain always make the ground wet? In this video you’ll find 14 cool facts you’ll want to share with your friends.

For example, why are number plates of different colors? If you take a look at different cars around the world, you’ll notice that plate colors vary: some are yellow, some are white. What does it depend on? It turns out, it’s connected with vehicle registration systems.


Dishwasher 00:00
Number plates 01:02
Total internal reflection 02:20
Weightless cloud 02:45
Animals orient in space 03:37
Oxygen tank 03:52
Human body 05:02
Helium 05:55
Polar bears 07:10
Phantom rain 07:46
Rats laugh 08:00

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