10 BIZARRE Things You Didn’t Know About Cleopatra!

Date: 2019-12-19 14:15:00


Unbelievable facts about Cleopatra! From the complexity of her family lineage to the sheer expanse of her influence.

#10 Greek Roots
While the legendary life of Cleopatra may have originated in Egypt, the iconic queen wasn’t actually Egyptian despite common confusion. Tracing her lineage back to one of Alexander the Great’s chief generals, Ptolemy the First, the majestic ruler was actually a descendant of Macedonian Greek nobility! Upon Alexander’s passing, Ptolemy overtook Egypt and began a dynasty of Greek-speaking pharaohs. However, its believed that Cleopatra could have very easily had her bloodline diversified across the two to three centuries of Ptolemaic rule, with her mother’s identity remaining a mystery lost to time. Despite her lineage, Cleopatra still took great pride in her Egyptian home, being the first in her line to actually learn Egyptian and embrace many of the nation’s customs.
#9 In The Family
Many of the royal families of ancient civilizations went to great lengths to ensure the family dynasty continued to thrive. This included marrying and having children with their own family members, a tradition the Ptolemaic family engaged in as well. It’s thought that this practice was inspired by the gods Osiris and Isis, two sibling deities that set the divine precedent for members of royalty who were considered by their subjects to be living gods themselves. This meant that not only was Cleopatra most likely the direct result of such relations, but she even followed the custom herself, marrying two of her younger brothers during her lifetime. First she married the 10-year-old Ptolemy XIII in a ceremonial union when she herself was just 18 years old, ruling alongside him while maintaining her own romantic relations outside of this marriage. This engagement came about after the sudden passing of their father, leaving the children to rule Egypt together! Later she would remarry to Ptolemy XIV when he was just 12 or 13, all the while continuing her romance with none other than Julius Caesar on the side. Neither of these marriages lasted for long, though, as the hunger for power forced the family to eventually turn on each other.