10 Biggest Robots Ever Made on Earth

Date: 2019-12-17 11:00:04


Old sci-fi stories predicted that at the beginning of the 2000s robots will be everywhere. Then it didn’t happen and the robotic future was delayed by another 20 years. And so here we are, and robots don’t roam the streets, but some of the existing ones are pretty remarkable.

Have you ever heard, for example, of robot drones? Soon they will be able to deliver everything you decided to buy on the internet. From pizza to furniture or something even more massive. How about 500 lbs of pure weight? That’s how much a new prototype drone from Boeing can carry. And it doesn’t need to be manually operated, it will find a way all on its own!

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The giant robot actor 0:25
Tracks and claws are on the rescue! 1:22
Athletic spider from outer space 2:20
The titanic mega-hand 3:24
Terrifying metal ostriches 4:14
Boeing sized drone 5:11
The Sea Hunter 6:06
Eagle Prime 7:10
The Real Mecha Suit 8:11
The most honorable mention 9:08

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– The giant robot actor weighs 11 tons and carries almost 2.5 gallons of liquid gas to shoot a 5 ft long stream of fire from its mouth. He can walk on his own 4 feet and move quite realistically even though he is controlled remotely.
– T-52 Eryu – is the first real-life iron man or exo-suit that can save lives. Its hands are made to be as close as they can be to human hands, but much stronger and armed with claws.
– ATHLET made by NASA looks like a metal spider on rollers! And if that’s not enough, it’s the biggest and the most agile extraterrestrial exploring robot NASA has ever made.
– The Fanuc M-2000iA – colossal arm capable of 6-axis motions and precise actions that need a lot of lifting power. This robot is a stationary crane that can lift and rotate a whole car like it’s nothing more than a feather!
– Handle is one of the most humble but effective bots out there – it’s the ideal warehouse worker. It can sort out up to 360 boxes per hour, 33 lbs each.
– Boeing sized drone is no joke. 15 ft long, 18 ft wide, and weighs 747 lbs without any cargo. You can guess how powerful this drone is – certainly not the type you would use for photoshoots and panorama view filming.
– The Sea Hunter looks quite futuristic. It’s only 11 ft wide and 132 ft long. Its slick design is the best spy flick material you may find in real life.
– Eagle Prime is a 12-ton monster, standing 16 ft tall on its tracks easily crunching through whole mountains of metal barrels. With two strong hands moving cars with one light punch.
– The record holder for the biggest humanoid robot in the world is the robot-samurai MONONOFU. Basically, it’s a toy and a childhood dream of its 44-year-old creator, engineer Masaaki Nagumo.
– AutoHaul may not be a giant humanoid robot, but the size of this project is more than impressive. It’s 1,050 miles of a railroad with 200 locomotives going from one of 16 mines to another to collect ore and convey resupplies.

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