10+ Basic Tricks That Saved Lives All Across the World

Date: 2020-08-05 12:56:17


We are helpless without our gadgets. We start to panic when the battery on our phone is low or when there’s no internet connection. But being in a dangerous situation all by yourself where every second counts requires quick action to be taken. That’s why it’s beneficial for all of us to know how to act immediately to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Do you know, for example, what to do if you get stuck in quicksand? Or how to make a strong rope with a plastic bottle? Or how to send a signal that you need a rescue? So here are some tips and tricks that will save your life in an incredibly difficult situation so that you can be ready for anything. They will help you make it out of dangerous situations safe and sound.


What to do if you don’t have any antibiotic ointment 0:01
What to do when you’re lost in the wild 0:21
How to make a mini-cooker 0:40
How to make your own fire-starter at home 1:14
How to make your own mosquito repellant 2:10
How to send a signal that you need rescue 2:33
What if you get stuck in quicksand 3:02
What if someone is tying your hands 3:37
How to make your own char cloth 4:44
What if you’re trapped in a huge crowd 5:05
How to make a water filter 5:30
Swimming underwater 6:09
How to make a rope with a plastic bottle 6:41

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