10 AMAZING Things About Air Force One!

Date: 2019-02-28 14:45:00


Things you didn’t know about air force one! Unbelievable secrets about the amazing Boeing plane that carries the President of The United States of America

CORRECTION: In #6 we mention the U.S. defense budget as 8.1 trillion dollars, however this is not annual but over 12 years from 2015 to 2026.

#9 Overdue Upgrade
For over half a century, the aircraft corporation Boeing has been the sole provider for all of the head of state’s air transportation needs. Originally initiated with the first overseas presidential flight taken by Franklin Roosevelt in 1943 to Casablanca, the Boeing B-314 “Dixie Clipper” is considered to be history’s introduction to Air Force One. In the late 1950s, the company built the first plane dedicated to serving the commander-in-chief with the development of the Boeing VC-137A. It debuted under the term of Dwight Eisenhower with a 19-day maiden voyage across 11 nations. Currently, the pair of jets serving as Air Force One are extremely customized Boeing 747-200B models and were purchased under the Reagan administration. With production of the plane long since ended, the need for new presidential planes has only gotten more serious with each new presidency. And so, under the Obama administration, two Boeing 747-8 models were commissioned to be converted to airbound presidential command centers. Since taking office, though, President Trump has made numerous modifications to this order, claiming to try to lower costs, and the total price and completion date have yet to be seen.