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Lizzie Velasquez On How She Turned Others’ Hate Into Self-Love

Lizzie Valasquez was just 17 years old when she found a video online naming her "The World's Ugliest Woman." It was a day, she told The Huffington Post, that she'll "never ever forget." But nearly 10 years later, the Austin-native has proved that with the right attitude you can turn your haters

Tastemade launches new DIY channel with retailer Michael’s

Image: tastemadeTastemade is getting crafty this holiday season. The digital production company is launching a DIY/craft channel called "Crafted," Mashable has learned. Image: tastemadeThe channel, created in partnership with craft retailer Michaels, marks the company's latest efforts to branch out beyond just food programming. "Tastemade is committed to creating

Check Out The Crash Test Of Boeing’s Astronaut Capsule

While all the attention usuallygoes towards the tense We have liftoff moment, returning back down from space is no small feat, either. And NASA has released a video showing some of the effort that has gonetowards testing landing capsules during their commercial buddy-up with Boeing Last week, teams of

Why On Earth Do The Insides Of This Fish GLOW

A video of a glow-in-the-dark fish has sparkedfears about radiation poisoning. Although The Simpsons is usually spot-on when it comes to predicting the future, glowing radiation-mutated fish arent a thing. According to the video (below) Gulbarshin Kaydarova bought the herring from a market in Semey, Kazakhstan. After chopping it

Exploring the science of monogamy and why we cheat

This week AsapSCIENCE delved into the science of cheating, exploring the potential biological factors lying within our genes and brains that may play a role when we cheat on our significant other.Its a fascinating video that covers a lot of ground, including the relevant point that most studies done