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Ed Sheeran had the best response to his new GQ cover

Ed Sheeran has got some A+ Twitter sass.Image: PA Wire/PA ImagesLONDON Just because you're voted the "worst dressed man of the year" by a magazine doesn't mean you won't one day end up on the cover. SEE ALSO: Improve your day and watch Ed Sheeran cover 'Fresh Prince' theme Ed

Celebrities react to the news of the death of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, 1977. (Photo by Getty Images)Image: Getty ImagesNews of the death of actress Carrie Fisher hit hard on Tuesday. Friends, family and fans were wishing for a fast recovery after Fisher suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last Friday. Best known for her

How to escape the online spies

Whether youre tweeting, shopping or just browsing, internet companies are monitoring you. Heres how to evade the snoopersNobody likes being spied on. When youre innocently browsing the web, its deeply unpleasant to think that faceless technology corporations are monitoring and recording your every move. While such data collection is legal,