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A Gift Guide For The Badass Adventurous Woman In Your Life

Is your significant other a restless adventurer? The type whod rather be away than at home? Look no further. Her holiday wish list is right here: 1. Packing compression cubes Light packing is really about smart packing, and avid travelers agree that these sacks, which contain an extra compaction

Stunning photos of Ethiopia’s vanishing tribes

(CNN)Kenyan-raised, Sydney-based photographer Louisa Seton undertook an epic journey into Ethiopia's remote Upper Omo Valley to capture the traditions of the Surma people -- before they're lost.After dealing with local militia and being stranded on the Omo River, Seton now has a series of stunning images to tell her

Subversive light show on Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper scrapped

(CNN)Hong Kong has pulled the plug on a subversive art installation that graced the city's tallest skyscraper -- the International Commerce Center. The nine-minute light-show that had appeared nightly on the facade of the 118-story building since May 17 contained an animated, nine-digit number. The artists later revealed the

The teenagers getting plastic bags banned in Bali

(CNN)"Welcome to Bali! Do you have any plastic bags to declare?"If you've traveled to the lush Indonesian island of Bali recently, you might have received this peculiar greeting at the airport.It would have come from Melati and Isabel Wijsen who have been campaigning for four years to get plastic