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George Monbiot: how do we get out of this mess?

Donald Trump. North Korea. Hurricanes. Neoliberalism. Is there any hope of a better world? Yes, but we have to come together to tell a new, kinder story explaining who we are, and how we should liveIs it reasonable to hope for a better world? Study the cruelty and indifference of

Readers’ books of the year 2016

The critics had their say, now its time for readers to pick their books of the year from diaries to dictionaries and emperors to existentialistsRedeemable by Erwin James (Bloomsbury Circus) Of the many books that have engaged me this year, three stand out: James shows in a brutally honest memoir

How the middle class hoards wealth and opportunity for itself

American society is dominated by an elite 20% that ruthlessly protects its own interestsWhen I was growing up, my mother would sometimes threaten my brother and me with electrocution. Well, thats not quite right. In fact, the threat was of lessons in elocution, but we wittily, we thought renamed them.