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Time’s Up: Hollywood women launch campaign to fight sexual harassment

The initiative, supported by stars such as Natalie Portman and Emma Stone, includes $13m legal defense fund for women in less privileged professionsThree hundred female Hollywood actors, agents, writers, directors, producers and entertainment executives including Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon are kicking off the new year

Fox News Staffers Embarrassed by Hannitys Conspiracy Theory Crusade

Fox News staffers are growing increasingly dismayed as network star Sean Hannity and others continue to promote the unfounded conspiracy theory that Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer was murdered last year for talking to WikiLeaks.The Daily Beast spoke to nearly a dozen reporters, pundits, and hosts inside Fox

Harassment-fighting HeartMob aims to drown out the trolls

Posting a selfie is hard.While it may seem like a simple act of vanity, for many the idea wages an internal battle between wanting to project self-confidence and the worry that you might get called uglyor worse. If, or rather when, that harsh scrutiny does arrive in the comments,