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Individual athletes more prone to depression, researchers find

Study by German sports psychologists finds individual athletes score higher on depression scale than those in team sportsAthletes in individual sports are more prone to depression than those in team games, according to German research to be presented at a conference in Cardiff. The research by the Technical University of

The perils of being a powerful white man | Dean Burnett

Dean Burnett: Powerful white men regularly claim to be among the most persecuted, oppressed people in society. Except theyre clearly not. Why do so many feel otherwise?You know who has it worse than anyone right now? Powerful white guys! No matter what they do, powerful white men are subjected to

Can self-control really get used up?

Image: Blend Images /APDoes willpower have a limit? For more than 15 years, psychologists believed the answer to that question was clearly yes. Indeed, a whole line of research, based on a seminal study published in 1998, suggested that not only is human willpower a depletable resource, but it's also

Here’s What Happens Inside the Mind of a Filibusterer

Last weekend’s Orlando shooting inspired plenty of moments of silence. But now it’s time for talk. Since 11:21 am Eastern, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy(a Democrat) has been filibustering his colleagues. Murphysays he won’t stop yammering until the Senate takes some kind of action on universal background checks on all guns,