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Surfing in Palestine: everyday life in the occupied territories

Jovial bodybuilders, sun-kissed surfers, free-running teenagers can this really be Palestine? Tanya Habjouqa explains her astonishingly fresh take on occupied lifePalestinians were baffled when Tanya Habjouqa first explained her photographic project to them. They felt a political obligation to talk about their suffering, she says. They were startled when I

Escaping Reality With Princess Cheeto

Since Princess Cheeto came into my life, nothing has been the same. I had just moved to New York City from California without knowing a single person. When I got her everything sort of fell into place. She has been a symbol for my new beginning and has truly helped

Stunning photos of Ethiopia’s vanishing tribes

(CNN)Kenyan-raised, Sydney-based photographer Louisa Seton undertook an epic journey into Ethiopia's remote Upper Omo Valley to capture the traditions of the Surma people -- before they're lost.After dealing with local militia and being stranded on the Omo River, Seton now has a series of stunning images to tell her

Photographer finds hidden beauty in seemingly ordinary park benches

Image: park_benches/instagram Next time you're about to relax on a park bench, step back and admire it first. Since Josh Ridge, a Melbourne-based photographer, began capturing the beauty of benches, his Instagram account which consists ofmore than 1,350 photos has become a haven for people who appreciate the hidden beauties

100 Women On What It’s Like To Go Makeup-Free

The first human women to line their eyes and stain their lips were the ancient Egyptians, their aesthetic efforts an attempt to mask features of their face to make them appear less closer to death. After millennias of cosmetic evolution, and of course, a less animalistic approach to partner selection,