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Disco’s Saturday Night Fiction

Saturday Night Fever was the prism through which the world viewed disco. But its actual inspiration was a British mod called Chris...Picture it: a writer pens a magazine article and its an instant sensation. Producers come calling, he sells the rights for tens of thousands, the tabloids give him a

Rihanna: Anti review – brave, bold … and confused

Sprawling, uneven and opaque Rihannas eighth album sounds as uncertain as its botched launch. But, in a risk-averse world, its daring invention pays offThe launch of Rihannas eighth studio album was so obviously, resoundingly botched that you kept imaging her mentor Jay Z running around the offices of his streaming

Saturday night forever: the best disco movies ride again

From blockbusters like Saturday Night Fever to obscurities such as Derek Jarman shooting a night in a London club, a New York film festival hits the floorTitled after Donna Summers deliciously suggestive dance floor hit from 1979, Dim All the Lights: Disco and the Movies is a tightly curated repertory