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Here’s Your Reminder That Things Are Going To Be Okay

Three months ago, my best friend got in an accident that left her with bruises, cuts, sprains, torn muscles, trauma, broken ribs, and two broken legs. As I watched her, my heart, my face, my entire soul beamed with pride. Thats my best friend, I said to anyone who

Read This When You Feel Like Falling Apart

Your hands are trembling, the anxiety quivering through your fingers. Your eyes are in distress, a little watery even. Your breathing is uneven, quickening in pace as you begin to ramble. You’re spewing arguments, trying to seek validation. Your defenses have fallen, your guarded exterior severed. You’re pleading now

How presidential candidates use science to get you to vote

(CNN)As the presidential candidates make their final moves to come out on top in the Indiana primary, they are using more than the usual campaign speeches and grip-and-grins to get people to the polls. Candidates are using science-tested methods to motivate the masses -- and some campaigns seem to