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The best League of Legends players who retired too young

The career of a professional League of Legends player is often short. There's Team SoloMid fan favorite Brian TheOddone Wyllie who retired at the age of 25 after playing for four years, European legend Pete yellowpete Wppen, who left Evil Geniuses at 25, or Dignitas legend Michael imaqtpie Santana,

FORG1VEN rejoins H2k-Gaming as a backup for Freeze

One of the EU LCS'smost talked-about players once again has a new home after an acrimonious splitbut this time he's returning to a former team. Konstantinos FORG1VEN Tzortziou has returned to H2k-Gaming, the team he left in May. The decision comes after an interesting Summer Split for the player,

The most influential people on Twitch in 2015

With 1.7 million unique broadcasters, it can be hard to know who's worth watching on Twitch every month. But there are some streamers who managed to shoulder their way through the crowds of millions to the very top of Twitch.This has been a big year for the streaming platform.

7 esports predictions for 2017

Na'Vi after winning the ESL One New York 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' championship.Image: Tanner Ethridge/mashableEsports had a big year in 2016, and it's aiming to have an even bigger year in 2017. After examining how different esports progressed over the past year and looking at some of the recent rumblings and