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Does Playing Video Games a Lot Mean You’re An Addict?

When the Atari 2600 came out in the mid-1980s, scholars were worried. Were the pixelated jumping spots on the screen going to create a generation of isolated kids unable to feel or pull themselves away from the television?Decades later, announced that gaming disorder is to be considered an addiction in

We (still) need more women in tech

The workforce of every single major tech company in the United States is still overwhelmingly male. Tech employs more than6.7 million people in the U.S. Why arent more of them women?Today is International Womens Day. In honor of the occasion, lets imagine the day when women fill half of

How to escape the online spies

Whether youre tweeting, shopping or just browsing, internet companies are monitoring you. Heres how to evade the snoopersNobody likes being spied on. When youre innocently browsing the web, its deeply unpleasant to think that faceless technology corporations are monitoring and recording your every move. While such data collection is legal,

Spouses of Ashley Madison users targeted with blackmail letters

Threatening letters sent to former and current members, as well as their spouses, with the demand: pay $2,500 in bitcoin or have your infidelity exposedIts been six months since extramarital dating site Ashley Madison was hacked, and now the spouses of former and current users of the site are being