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Donald Trump denounces Jeff Sessions for being ‘weak’ on Hillary Clinton

On Twitter Trump criticized the investigation into Russian meddling into last years US election and slammed the attorney general for not investigating ClintonDonald Trump on Tuesday escalated his attacks on Jeff Sessions, questioning why the US attorney general was not investigating his former opponent Hillary Clinton, the latest turn in

A ‘rigged’ election in the Electoral College?

(CNN)Much has been made by the Trump campaign about the 2016 election being rigged. Trump himself exclaimed that "We'd better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged. And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us." Surveys of

Hillary Clinton reads thank you note to the women of America

Jimmy Fallon and Tonight Show writers—along with Miley Cyrus—planned a special evening for Hillary Clinton’s guest appearance on the show Wednesday night. Each writer penned the former Democratic presidential candidate thank you letters while sitting alongside her on stage. “You’ve inspired so many people around the