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To The Boy I Believed When He Told Me He Loved Me

Its an abstract concept. One day you met eyes with a person across the street, maybe he sat next to you in class. You sparked up a conversation with him because you liked his smile and before you knew it, that single day shaped into five, twenty, eighty days.

This Is Why I’m Done Crying Over You

It has been 1 week since you said Goodbye and I havent shed a single tear over losing you. The twisted, warped song we danced to for so long finally came to an end and Im not sad that youre no longer mine. You should never have been mine.

15 Quotes To Help Heal Your Heartbreak

Heartbreaks are inevitable. They can happen at sixteen or they can happen at sixty. They are all equally as excruciating and can make you feel as if the world is coming to an end. The physical and mental pain associated with heartbreak is too overwhelming to ignore, and occasionally,

Every Great Story Begins With Heartbreak

Every great transformation begins with heartbreak. Because heartbreak fuels you to change who you are, to change how helpless you feel, to depend on yourself for your own happiness and to start the journey of changing and finding ways to transform your pain into something meaningful, into something better