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How To Know If You’re A Mentally Strong Person

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to stick to their workouts, while others give up after a week? How certain people, like famous athletes, writers or leaders, have reached such high levels of success? Apparently, it’s not really about your intelligence or your talent. It’s about your

7 Reasons You Should Ditch The Drink And Have A Sober September

July and August are designated hardcore drinking months. Something about the summerthe sun, the holidays, the freedom of wearing less clothes makes it perfect for downing drinks at unacceptable hours (a bit like Christmas, except you can sit outside). But then it happens. September draws closer, the fatigued, chubbier version

The New Fitspo: Why Girls Should Get Strong, Not Skinny

I am, hands down, the laziest person youll ever meet. Leisure activates for me include sitting, reclining and scowling at the outside world from my bedroom window. However, tired of looking like a melting Play-Doh figurine who pants and sweats at the slightest incline, I have decided to get in