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Teslas Model 3 Could Destroy Elon Musks Company

It won’t hit the road for two years, it won’t be as cheap as promised, and it will be plagued with problems. Worst of all, the firm may run out of money before the car takes the road. ">Way back in 2006, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk laid out his

Britney Spears Is Great Again. Glory Be to Godney.

Dust off your bedazzled nude bodysuits, because our lip-syncing pop deity is back in action. Spears’s new album, Glory, is out Friday—and it’s her best album in over a decade. ">The release of a new Britney Spears album tends to be terrifying.  Britney Spears is cherished. She is, goddammit,

Rwandas Pay Gap Is Smaller Than Americas

The Global Gender Index Gap says women won’t earn as much as men for another 118 years. Not one single country in the world pays women and men equally.Theres not much to love about the World Economic Forums 2015 report on the global gender wage gapbut if youre an American