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Meet The British Schoolboys Who Wore Skirts To Beat The Heat

Dozens of boys at a state school in Devon, England defied gender norms on Thursday when they showed up to Exeter's Isca Academy in tartan skirts, swapping uniforms with their female classmates. Yet the motivation for the protest was practical rather than political: why can girls bare their legs in

Smash tech stereotypes with this new book for little girls

Secret Code allows readers to customize the protagonist's appearance and then makes her the hero of a coding adventure.Image: Secret codeWhen Hillary Clinton lost her history-making bid for the presidency last week, many parents had the painful task of sharing a hopeful message with their little girls in the face

Why your ‘personality’ is getting in the way of a promotion

Women are penalized with criticisms about their personalities while their male colleagues are skipping rungs on the corporate ladderOne of my favorite ie just plain awful recent stories to expose the staggering tone deafness around gender parity came courtesy of John Greenhouse, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was sharing

Silicon Valley’s gender problem extends beyond pay gap

Companies like Arjuna are beginning to take action to address pay inequality, but demographic data doesnt tell the full story of womens experienceMicrosofts chief executive, Satya Nadella, earned infamy for his declaration that women should not bother to ask for raises. Instead, he suggested in October 2014, they should have