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Austrian Vote Paves Way for Nationalist Party to Enter Government

Austrian voters paved the way for the nationalist Freedom Party to enter government, heralding a shift to the political right that’s likely to make the country a more prickly ally for its European partners.Projections after Sunday’s election put the populists within reach of second place behind the People’s Party of

Terrorist Mows Down Families at a Fireworks Display in Nice, France

An armed French delivery driver attacked a Bastille Day fireworks party—with a truck—killing at least 84, with 10 children among the dead.">NICE, France The Bastille Day fireworks had just ended above the waters of the Mediterranean and the broad Promenade des Anglais of Nice was full of thousands of spectators,

The French Ideologues Who Inspired the Alt-Right

Elderly Frenchmen Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye are far from household names in Europe and the U.S. But their ideas have fueled white nationalism across both continents.">NICE, FranceAlain de Benoist is the prolific and quintessentially Gallic icon of Frances New Right, the political and philosophical school of thought that

Should Americans fear an attack like those in Paris?

Counter-terrorism experts largely agree that the US doesnt face the same risks as Europe, though the Paris attack showed the reach of Isis extremistsFour days after the worst European terrorist attack in a decade and a day after extremist militants vowed to attack Washington, should Americans fear an attack like