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Tech Startups Come Up With Some Creative Definitions for Profitable

Last September, SpoonRocket was running out of money. Founders of the Berkeley, Calif., meal-delivery company had initially sold investors on aggressive expansion plans and the promises of a high-growth business. By the time it completed a planned rollout to San Diego and Seattle early last year, the funding environment had changed. Venture capitalists

GM Crops Can Benefit Organic Farmers Too

Have you eaten organic food today? If you have eaten anything, then technically youve eaten organic. By definition, all food is organic, it just may not have been grown under industry standards, such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Most people who choose to eat certified organic do so because they

How Taco Bell made their ‘top secret’ Quesalupa a social media success

Taco Bellunveiled their latest cheesy creation, the Quesalupa, in a commercial duringSuper Bowl 50. Before their Quesadilla/Chalupa hybrid even debuted, though, the company managed to get social media buzzing about the new "top secret" foodwhich, of course, is exactly what they wanted.From the exterior, the Quesalupa looks like your