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Two GOP Senators Slam Tax Cuts for Rich, But How Will They Vote?

President Donald Trump insisted Wednesday that his tax cut is all about helping the middle class even as Republican leaders formed a last-minute plan to cut the top rate paid by million-dollar earners.The plan has ruffled some feathers in the GOP.Two Republican senators have criticized tax cuts for the highest

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Lives in the Future

To reach the Venus Project Research Center, a utopian compound created by a 100-year-old futurist, drive through vast stretches of fields, orchards, and dirt roads in south-central Florida. There's little cell phone service and no signs of other humans on the way to a white gate. A sandy path flanked

Pathway to extremism: what neo-Nazis and jihadis have in common

The case of Devon Arthurs, a former neo-Nazi who allegedly killed his friends for disrespecting Islam, sheds light on the roots of extremismWhen 18-year-old Devon Arthurs burst into a Florida smoke shop with a pistol and took customers and an employee hostage, he told them that he was upset about