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Two GOP Senators Slam Tax Cuts for Rich, But How Will They Vote?

President Donald Trump insisted Wednesday that his tax cut is all about helping the middle class even as Republican leaders formed a last-minute plan to cut the top rate paid by million-dollar earners.The plan has ruffled some feathers in the GOP.Two Republican senators have criticized tax cuts for the highest

This Electric Truck Will Probably Beat Teslas to Market

On the evening of Nov. 16, Elon Musk unveiled the latest prop in his Tony Stark cosplay. Photographer: Angie Smith for Bloomberg Businessweek As Semler drives the ET1 around Hollywood, gawkers whip out their phones to take photos. The heavy-duty semi, which has a 22-inch touchscreen on its dashboard and

Lonely? It’s time to brush up your intimacy skills

Improving our ability to be more intimate in relationships is just another skill, like learning a language, says the neuroscientist Giovanni FrazzettoGiovanni Frazzetto speaks with a thin voice, barely louder than our footsteps; we are walking around St Stephens Green in Dublin. To hear, I have to lean in. At first

Mom Goes On Rant About The Damaging Effects Of Over-Rewarding Children

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Turn down the music? You’d better ask my punk parents

Having hardcore punk musicians for parents has been a noisy delight for Holly MacHenry and an educationIts Tuesday evening. I am watching the posters in my bedroom, wondering if this time they will manage to cling to the vibrating walls. One peels free of its Blu-Tack shackles and falls to